"If the king doesn't move, then his subjects won't follow"

Lelouch vi Britannia will show you what it takes to be a true king.

"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty"- Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch vi Britannia is a Britannian prince who was exiled after the death of his mother, with his sister who was traumatized after the murder of her mother. After they were sent to Japan, Japan was attacked by Britannia and now it is known as Area11.

Now, Lelouch goes by the name of Lelouch Lamperouge, who's a popular student at Ashford Academy. When Lelouch gets involved in a terrorrist attack, he finds a mysterious girl named C.C. who makes a contract with him and gives him a power called #Geass.

Caught up in a conflict where he does not know the full extent to his powers, he will have to battle Suzaku Kururugi, his only childhood friend, a member of the resisitance group Kallen Stadtfeld, his own half-siblings, and the strongest army in the world.

This Anime in a way reflects the malaise that old, rich and powerful people have screwed up the world and young and helpless cannot do anything about it. Lelouch's actions exemplify how any high school student views the economic and political problems of the world. Though Lelouch was driven by the intent of taking revenge on his father, he actually wanted to change the world for better.

Although this anime was premiered almost more than a decade ago, the animation is realistic and smooth. The character C.C. will remain intriguing throughout the series. But Lelouch is a character that you will remember forever, will also convince to change the way of looking towards many aspects of life. Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi's sacrifices and their journey to change the world will win your heart.

With tons of beautiful characters and a different storyline, this anime series is a #MustWatch.

This anime series has 2 seasons. Watch them only on #Netflix Click here.

If you want to know more about these characters, please look up in my character review section.

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