They will get back up as often it takes, and each time they won't be beaten.

The luminous blue stripes that ring our bodies are the ties that bind friends together in the world of flame and smoke. Never break them. – Akitaru Obi

In year 198 of Tokyo's Solar Era, special fire brigades Fire Force, are formed to fight the spontaneous human combustion known as #infernals, these are humans that have been afflicted by some strange condition that make them combust any moment and they engulf into demonic fiery state.

The #FireForce was made by combining people from Holy Sol Temple, The Tokyo Armed Forces, The Fire Defense Agency and is divided into eight companies.

Humans from later generation possess #pyrokinesis, they can control flames at their own will. The series mainly focuses on Shinra Kusakabe, a third generation pyrokinetic also known as #DevilFootprints. A fire that broke out 12 years ago killed his mother and his brother. As Shinra joins Fire Force Company 8, many secrets unfold in front of his eyes.

Fire Force is one of the most famous animes that premiered in 2019. The members of #Company8, Captain Obi, Lieutenent Hinawa, Maki Oze, Arthur, a brigade of unique individuals who help extinguish and purify the souls of infernals, becomes more and more likeable as the anime proceeds, though members of other companies like Shinmon Benimaru, Captain of #Company7, Princess Hibana of #Company5 and Leonardo Burns of #Company1 would also prove useful and catch limelight.

Up till now the true motives of Joker and the Company8's scientist Viktor Licht has not been revealed.This storyline of this anime seems to be strong even if there has only been one season, the story is smooth and interesting. The 2nd season to this anime might premiere in July, 2020. The 2nd season might reveal the true identity of #TheEvangelist.

Fire Force might become one of the best anime series in coming years. The animation is outstanding with amazing soundtrack, the fight scenes are inexplicably good. When uou watch this anime you are sure to go like,"This is something I have never seen before".The story goes smoothly, while the pace never feels rushed, the insights about the past are filled in the right moment, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. This anime ought to be on your #MustWatch list.

If you want to know more about these characters, please look up in my #CharacterReview section.

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