I wonder if its the selfish people, who get ahead in this world.

But Is it worth sacrificing everything for this world?

Shu Ouma might be the right person to tell you this.

The right to use my friends as a weapon, that is the sinful crown I shall adorn - Shu Ouma

A biological hazard known as Apocalypse Virus brought on by an impact event plunges Japan into a state of chaos. An organisation sent by The United Nations known as The GHQ, successfully controls the outbreak and restores a level of normalcy at the cost of Japan's independent.

The story revolves around a high school boy named Shu Ouma, who obtains a power called 'power of the king'that enables him to draw out people's voids. Voids are weapons that are physical manisfestation of a person's heart. Shu is caught up in a conflict between The GHQ and and Funeral Parlour, a resistance group which aims for Japan's independence from GHQ.

The mystery of the past; the burden which the ability puts on Shu's shoulders and the death of his friend causes great development in his character from season 1 to season 2. Also I feel that the setting in season 2 is beautiful and better than season 1.

Though the plot is little bit jumbled but still the story seems to be interesting thanks to amazing soundtrack and some strong characters. Except few of the main characters, the others doesn't share much screentime also not getting into the story much.

Shu's character is the one who strikes of the most, the burden of saving the world is put on the shoulders of a high school student, loss of friends and family plunges him into a dilemma and developes him into more of a matured character who is looking on the greater aspects sacrificing everything dear to him.

I would say this anime series is good for #BingeWatch.To watch this series only on #Netflix click here.

If you want to know more about these characters please look up in my character review section.

#HappyReading and #HappyWatching Guilty Crown. Hope you have a good experience.

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