PSYCHO-PASS:FIRST INSPECTOR- Did it answer the questions left in Season 3?

The Psycho Pass 3: First Inspector is the direct continuation the 3rd season of the series. The movie's main concern is to end the arc of Bifrost and the foxes, that was started in 3rd season with many new characters. The 3rd season ended at a point where it lacked conclusion, and left the audience hanging in the middle of nowhere. Without First Inspector, Psycho Pass 3 would feel incomplete.

Does the movie answers the questions left untold at the end of the 3rd season?

The Movie is divided in three acts, and weaves many hanging threads left by the 3rd season. The movie is mostly centered on Azusawa Koichi, who is the first inspector, a criminal who is playing his own game to fulfil his most awaited desire, this movie also gives a climax to Arata and Kei's personal battle. Of course, the climax of the movie is not concerned with the fate of Bifrost, but mostly it is the fight of ideals between Azusawa and Arata, Azusawa on one hand, believes the system down to its chore, and is ready to take it's judgement even if it's wrong, on the other hand it's Arata who wants to fight the loopholes and hipocrisy of the system, and wants to be lawful simultaneously.

Does the movie answer "What actually is Bifrost?"and "What is the goal of the people related to it?"

Up until now, it seemed that Bifrost is a game which is played by the rich and powerful people using real people as pieces and the city as their board to become even more rich and powerful, a great scam, you would say, in an ideal world created by Sibyl.

Even if the movie is not really concerned with the fate of Bifrost. It does make the audience aware of the fact that Shirogane and Shizuka, the two remaining members of Bifrost have much bigger aims. It satisfies the audience by showing the truth of Bifrost and how something like 'Round Robin' exists in the world made of Sibyl, and clears one of the biggest confusion in the minds of the audience created after Psycho Pass 3. This became the perfect conclusion for the Bifrost arc because now we know what is going on and why.

Does this movie pave a way for further production of the series?

There are also other characters who get their time to shine in this movie. This movie, I feel gives the perfect action climax , exactly what the 3rd season needed. The movie gave #climax to the last arc and simultaneously paved way for further production. With the return of Tsunemori Akane, and the new character Shizuka Homura's involvement with the PSB, hints that a another great season of this superhit franchise is awaiting us. Right now, there is no announcement for season 4 but looking at the time difference between season 2 and season 3, it might be some time when we hear next from the makers.

Looking at the visual side, the animation quite matches the standard of other seasons of the franchise, the screenplay is just as good and the action sequences are dynamic, with great background soundtrack that matches the tension and pace of the movie. These two make a fine set of cyberpunk fiction, including all the #politics and #underworld crimes. For all the Psycho-Pass fans out there, the climax won't disappoint you, instead it will make you wait eagerly for the coming seasons.

Psycho Pass 3:First Inspector is available on #amazonprimevideo worldwide.

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