The 1st season of Psycho Pass introduces us to the Sibyl system and the officers of Public Safety Bureau and the new type of world that the sibyl system has created. The story follows Inspector Akane tsunemori and is seen through her eyes.

The story follows the challenges faced by #inspector Tsunemori and ultimately the fight to death between Kougami Shinya, who’s an #enforcer at #MWPSB and Makishima shogo. The characters are impressive but who steals the show is Makishima Shogo.

Makishima Shogo, is a negative character but the most influencial of all. This character is one of the main reasons for the success of season 1, because his words and his personality leave a great impact on audience’s mind and heart. Shinya Kougami is also someone who is vigorous ,intellectual and has a great zeal to fulfil his revenge, but he is realistic so audience relate to him. Akane Tsunemori 's character is sweet and nice and but in the second half her character gets developed a lot, mentally and physically she becomes strong and learns how to survive in the world filled with injustice.

You can watch Psycho Pass season 1 on #Netflix. I hope you like this show. Follow #Animeverse for more updates on your favorite anime

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