The God of High School (Episode 5) - Would you act like how Daewi did?

‘The God of High School’, a Crunchyroll original anime, which focuses on three highschoolers; Jin Mori, Yoo Mira and Han Daewi who compete in the ‘The God of High School’ tournament.

Since the initial episodes, we saw their bond of friendship getting stronger. Although at the end of episode 4, it became quite serious and their bond almost came to the breaking point. Han injured Mira badly and fought dirty by targeting her injuries and taking advantage of her weakness. We also get to know that his friend Woo Seungtae in hospital is getting closer to his death.

Episode 5 started off with Mori and Daewi’s fierce fight where they both put all their strength to defeat their opponent. The fight between Mori and Daewi was one of the longest and most well-animated fights in the series up till now. We were also shown some moments from Daewi’s past and why he hurt Mira, the way he did.

The past insights of Daewi’s life showed that he is not someone who has a lot of friends and also doesn’t trust someone easily. Seungtae was his only friend, and he was getting closer to death. Daewi had to choose between the life of his friend and winning against Mira and Jin. What he did was right? Weren’t Jin and Mira his friends? Although all through the fight he kept saying that he never thought of them as his friends, this was not exactly how he felt. But he had to choose Seungtae above Mira and Jin, he had to save him at all cost. Any person in his place would have acted the way he did.

When he came to know that Seungtae is already gone, he lost his will to fight, his ruthless drive to win was gone. But the moment Mira herself encouraged him, he realised that he was not alone, and he could have some faith in them. Only after that moment, he actually started enjoying the fight with Jin, even when he lost and he had the pain of losing his friend but at the same time, he knew he has found some new ones who can be trusted and will not leave him alone. Finally now, Seungtae can rest in peace, as his friend has found some chipmunks to rely on!

And thus, episode 5 was one of the best episodes of the series up till now. This episode was not only good because of how well they presented the story, or how magnificently they incorporated the past moments along with the fight, but also because of how emotional this episode was.

You can watch ‘The God of High School’ on Muse Asia’s youtube Channel [Click here].

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