"You must not change the past once its been established"

Steins gate will make you realize that living means no do-overs whats done is done and is for the best.

Remembering something that no one else can is a painful thing. You can't talk to anyone about it. No one will understand you. You will be all alone - Rintarou Okabe

Steins;Gate is set in 2010, who follows Rintarou Okabe, a self proclaimed 'mad-scientist', who runs the "Future Gadget Laboratory" with his friends, Mayuri Shina and Itaru Daru Hashida. Accidently they discover a method of time travel through which they can send text messages to the past, thereby changing the present.

While attending a conference about time travel, Okabe finds the dead body of Kurisu Makise, a neuroscience researcher; he sends a text message about it to Daru, and later discovers that Kurisu is alive, and that the message arrived before he sent it. And thus, the most difficult and the most important three weeks of Okabe's life starts.

In #Scifi genre, Steins;Gate is one of the best in recent anime history. Steins;Gate was well received by critics: several reviewers liked the story and writing, although some criticized the pacing of the first half. Although in my opinion, Steins;Gate in the first half actually lures audience's into comedy and giving them enough time to get closure with the characters, before turning the series into exciting thriller with a 'rock-solid climax'.

The story travels the theme that 'what's done is done and should not be altered' but this is not the only theme, it also surfaces the theme of 'friendship' and showcases that its dificult to be inventive and ingenious at the cost of your loved ones. When we alter our present, past and future, it not only affects us but also to the ones who surrounds us.

The characters are well designed according to the role they play, Mayuri Shina will win your heart and Rintarou Okabe, who at first seems to be an arrongant, mad scientist, turns out to be a person for whom you will feel a compassionate sympathy. Others characters like Makise Kurisu, Itaru Hashida and Suzuha Amane are not very active in the first half but in the second half they come out as heroes.

During the finale of this anime, you will surely feel there should be more but unluckily there's only one season to Steins;Gate. This anime series is of 24 episodes and is available at #Netflix.

In 2011 it won a Newtype Anime Award for the best male anime character of the year, for Rintaro Okabe. Imagine Games Network (IGN) listed Steins;Gate among the best anime series of the 2010s. This anime should surely be in your #mustwatch list.

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